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CAfE Meeting in Kulturni Centrum Rehlovice

Grundtvig ends, CAfE continues

CAfE Final Report Evaluation 10

For the last official Grundtvig meeting a small village in northern Bohemia of Czech Republic has been chosen. The region, formerly part of the so-called Sudetenland, is a beautiful low mountain range; by car only 45 minutes away from either Prague or Dresden. We are talking of course, about our partners’ place in Řehlovice.

Along this “final meeting” CAfE partners not only worked out details on the final Grundtvig report but also used the chance to reflect about this two years European Life Long Learning partnership, achievements and future opportunities where presented and analysed. Yes, Grundtvig ends but CAfE continues promoting best practices and art mediation strategies, artist and curatorial exchange opportunities, open calls, resources and many more; www.contemporaryartforevryone.org will be from now on our common meeting point where selected content will be made available for everyone.

LAVY Symposium 2014

Along the meeting CAfE partners had also the chance to attend LAVY Symposium, a sculptor’s meeting where both professionals and amateurs exchange and share their passion and knowledge while producing a special piece. Aim of this event is also to bring sculpturing closer to audiences, publics have the occasion to be witnesses of the sculpturing process: how a stone reincarnates into a new form, the sculpture. Doors are open to visitors not only on the opening day but also along the whole duration of the Symposium. This 2014 more than 13 sculptors have participated creating large-format pieces. As František Trost, participant of the LAVY Symposium, relates:

The process of an idea which is born out of a solid stone contains in itself some kind of magic that gives a special sense to anyone who can experienced it. It was this magic that brought me to sculpting and won´t let me go.”

Kulturni Centrum Rehlovice

Founded in 1999, Kulturní Centrum Řehlovice (KCR) started its cultural activities with the annual art symposium “Proudění /Strömungen”, where artists from Germany and Czech republic stay together along 10 days, using the inspiring atmosphere for art production and site-specific installations. At the end of every symposium an opening party presents not only the resulting art works to visiting publics but also becomes an opportunity to share the experience of intercultural exchange. Besides this cultural event, which from 2015 is going to become a biennale, within the context of Kuturni Centrum Rehlovice workshops, study tours, exhibitions, literary meetings, lectures, theatre and film performances are taking place. Some of them externally organised by schools, universities, NGO’S or private groups. KCR not only offers an inspiring atmosphere but also a complete range of infrastructures such as accommodation, exhibition rooms, spaces for performances or lectures. Fully equipped with kitchen, pizza oven, fireplace, swimming pond and bar services which are completed by the services offered by the near by village.

From the 15th to the 17th of August 2014 a new meeting open to everyone will be taking place in KCR, ŘEAM. Check out KCR website to get to know more about it: http://kcrehlo.cz/veranstaltungen-lesen/events/ream-2014-303.html


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