“Contemporary Art for Everyone”

is an online meeting point for lovers of any form of art related to the public space and general audiences (intercultural & intergenerational) willing to be socially meaningful and to promote positive change based on the respect and promotion of human rights and critical thinking. A database and resource index with best practices, inspirational examples and opportunities for art educators, curators, artists and cultural managers.

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CAFE “Contemporary art for everyone”, is European Learning Partnership project made by institutions and organisations dealing with fields of contemporary visual art and art in public spaces and forms of adult education in this sphere, popularising contemporary art and preparing its adult learners and audience for it reception and better understanding. Project partners are aiming at different learners groups and work in diverse environments (city, village, adults, seniors etc.) and using different methods. The aim of the project is to learn from each other exchange the best practises in Europe.

The Project enables participating organisations exchange their practices, learn from each other, network on international scale, motivate their staffers and learners to try new approaches.

Feel free to contact us to post any related content and widen this inspirational network.