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I’ve lived… or the magic behind activating the willingness of artistic participation


Post-it Notes for Neighbors by Candy Chang

Artist: Candy Chang (New Orleans, USA)

Location of art work: New York

Project: Post-it Notes for Neighbors

“Post-it Notes for Neighbours” is an interactive installation (inspired by Illegal Art’s To Do project) that asks neighbours to share details about their lives in the city. Questions & answers that create a participative work of art and unveils personal stories.

Might the name of Candy Chang say less than the title of his most renowned (until date) work of art… “Before I die I want to…”   It is in fact the same accessible and touching spirit what makes this proposals engaging. A sort of participatory art which is able to activate a strong willingness to add your contribution, making the most of Aristotle’s saying: “The whole is greater of than the sum of its parts”.  The magic in Chang’s work arises from the fact that her proposal builds a work of art by means participation while articulating a highly emotional experience. It makes you share, think and reflect while celebrating the power of community and interaction. She declares to be interested in encouraging people to connect through a city’s shared and public spaces and we have to admit that so does she. The artist as a mediator; personal experiences and aspirations, storytelling, collective action and human cityscapes…. made art.




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