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Vermibus: highjackings ad’s in the name of fine art

Vermibus: Dissolving Europe

Vermibus: Dissolving Europe

Artist: Vermibus 

Location: Europe

Project: Dissolving Europe

“Using a dubious inter-rail ticket, Vermibus set out with a set of 90 keys and his pallet of solvents to physically and temporally highjack the western world of advertisements in the name of fine art. Each site is carefully deliberated with its environment, from Rolex boutiques, to archaic museums. The system looks simple in movement: unlock and roll the advertising poster to create a huge blank gleaming white breath of fresh air in the urban environment. The advert then undertakes the process of counter action painting using a series of solvents and brushes, it is then replaced in another site, another city, another country.”*

Vermibus faces us with a recurring question: do adverting and art in public spaces have an opposite nature? The commercialisation of public space landscape has been a matter of discussion and debate for a long time and indeed, within the capitalist western european context it will remain being one for the time to come. With his dissolving paintings, Vermibus does reveal an obscure layer behind the shiny and beauty world of “fashion and commerce”; still another sense and layer of beauty is revealed. The resulting images and characters do transpire a powerful hypnotic energy. We just can’t stop watching them…  

Xar Lee & Peter Grünheim

“A Painter’s Journey”, Music Composer by Marcello De Francisci.

Score Recorded & produced at Blue Labyrinth Studios.

Featured image, Video & *Text:

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