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Impressions and Reflections about the film „Space Metropoliz“

“We’ll go to the moon together!”- that’s what artists and cultural workers promised to the inhabitants of Metropoliz, a squat and cultural project in a huge former slaughterhouse in the eastern part of Rome. Willing to create a common “act of imagination” in this particularly diverse community, Space Metropoliz was much more than just the concrete and collective construction of a huge homemade rocket. The artistic project, as well as the documentary film shown in June at this year’s Survival Festival in Wroclaw, transfer a truly fascinating power and to me were inspirational in many ways: Convince by conviction and innovate by passion. … Dare the endeavor of pilot programs and experimental approaches and be confident that things will turn out all right. … Go for something big without always asking beforehand for sustainability – if it was great, some of this experience will sustain, at least as a collective memory! … Go for something crazy and irrational. … Valuable inspiration for our work in Actors of Urban Change, a program by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in cooperation with MitOst e.V., which fosters Urban Development through Cultural Activities and Cross-Sector Collaboration in Europe.Space MetropolizPicture taken from the movie Space Metropoliz

More about the project that was put into place in 2013 and the film by Fabrizio Boni and Giorgio de Finis can be found here and some artistic project about several squats in Rome at www.smur.eu.

Elisabeth Kremer attended the 12th Survival Art Review in June 2014 in Wroclaw on behalf of MitOst e.V., where she works for the program Actors of Urban Change.


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