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CAfE in BCN: 4 days to reflect around what we have learned

CAfE Meeting in BCN 2014

More than 18 moths after the beginning of CAfE partnership it is time to reflect and dialogue around what we have learned while sharing experiences and cooperating within the filed of contemporary art practices on the public space, art mediation and non-formal art education.

Our CAfE partnership has grown and structured along the last year and a half , while we have seen every partner in action, presented projects to each other, collected feedback, debated perspectives and sauvored active discussions.  Complementary methodologies have been used to develop this europeanlearning partnership such as workshops, mater classes, symposiums and conferences.

Both staff and learners have improved their professional and personals skills and widen their knowledge on contemporary art, art mediation, educating audiences strategies and dealing with project’s cultural and social context. Complementing the learning sessions we have also visited exhibitions, enjoyed guided tours and discovered mutual cultures and traditions. A successful experience that have been developed around a main  strategy: “Enjoying while learning”.

What is more, we have also used this chance not only to learn but also to exchange content and generate synergies between festivals, events and diverse partner’s initiatives. Mutual support has been one of the key points to make the most of our common interests.

Along the CAfE partner’s visit to Barcelona, hosted by spanish Cultural Association ZZZ responsible of audiovisual project, we have not only reflected and summarised experiences and pending tasks to be developed along the upcoming months, but also we have reflected on internal best practices and debated about common problems and challenges such as financing, administrative and dissemination strategies, content quality and audiences; with the aim that defining common problems could drive us towards common solutions.

Keep the good work up!


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