Open Call

Call for artworks – SURVIVAL 12: ‘City – Inflammatory State’, Wroclaw (PL)

We would like to invite all visual artists to submit artworks that take into consideration the uniqueness of the venue and refer to the motto of SURVIVAL 12: ‘City – Inflammatory State.’

The subject matter of SURVIVAL 12 will focus on issues referring to bodily functions and states (infection, virus, medicine, anatomy, convalescence, the body and ethics, illness, death) as well as to architecture and urban planning (entropy, ruins, revitalization, conservation).

The main thread of this edition ,’City – Inflammatory State’, will inspire artists and curators of the Review to examine illness and healing in the context of the city, perceived as a living organism, and the human body.

In order to take part in the competition, please complete the application form (available at and send it to

Your application should also contain a visualization of your artwork. The deadline for sending submissions ends on 31 March 2014.

More information can be found in the Rules and Regulations section,102

SURVIVAL 12 Art Review
27 June – 1 July 2014
Motto: ‘City – Inflammatory State’

Venue: the former building of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Wrocław Medical University, ul. Grodzka 9, Wrocław

Deadline for sending applications:  31 March 2014

More info:  The phrase ‘inflammatory state’ has both negative and positive connotations. It signals that something alarming is going on in the body, it is a symptom of an illness. Contemporary cities and their inhabitants are plagued by many maladies that act pathogenically on the agglomerations.  In the urban context, an inflammatory state suggests a number of ‘maladies’ and ‘epidemics’ that contemporary cities must face, from formal requirements connected with architecture and urban planning  to problems impacting negatively on the community and individuals (crime, vandalism, xenophobia, alcoholism, etc.). On the other hand, an inflammatory state means that the body is fighting the disease, the cells are attacking the pathogen, trying to eliminate it and heal the damage.

Thus the motto of the 12th edition of SURVIVAL encapsulates the aim of this year’s SURVIVAL, which is an attempt to summarise a years-long discussion in Poland and Europe about the state of contemporary cities and the preferred ways of their development.

Open Call

Open Call


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