Best Practices / Meetings in context: discover Lleida

Header image Blog CAfE in Lleida is a non-profit audiovisual project which proposes the construction of a global visual dialogue. Creative videos of ingenious citizens from around the globe are collected by means of a website: After selection procedures, best proposals are screened in public spaces or within the context of art festivals and cultural events. Aims of this project are to place art practices in public space, educate the critical eye, cultivate our imagination and promote interculturallity as well as visual language education on non-formal contexts. Since 2007 this experimental cultural project has grown up as an international open project with its center of gravity in the town of Lleida (ES), evolving in consonance with audiences and participant’s feedback as well as constrained by its immediate context and professional abilities of the cultural managers and producers involved. is in fact a partnership project of the Cultural Association TripleZeta (ZZZ) developed within the structure of ILO Ophthalmology Clinic and Ferreruela Sanfeliu Foundation (dedicated to the promotion of Health Rights). Theme of the project and objectives are linked to its internal structure. Some more details about this can be reviewed on the attached pdf document:


Indeed to fully understand a cultural project we need to understand not only its internal structure and objectives but also the context within which it has been planned and it is being executed. Those contextual constrains determine not only opportunities, advantatges or disavantadges of an specific project, but also its suitability in relation to its objectives.  The context and production conditions predispone the possibilities of execution and even in some degre, the definition of the project itself.

For this reason the ZZZ invited CAfE Members to discover not only but also its immediate social, economical, political and cultural context: the town of Lleida.

In Lleida, we have had the chance to better understand from its roots until its potencial, weaknesses and risks for the future to come. Along 3 days we had the chance to talk with experts such as Jesús Navarro, Director of the Museu d’Art Jaume Morera de Lleida, who gave us a general pespective about the cultural landscape of this inland rural town. Some creative interpretations of it are included in this post for your review.


Local testimonials also gave us their personal insight and altogether, we approached to as a practical case of study and analysis to collect feedback and observations of all the CAfE members, which will actually help out ZZZ in defining future strategies.

On top of it, we used this chance to present CAfE Partnership project to the citizens of Lleida making use of the opportunities given by the local media:

Segre Newspaper 09.03.2013

Segre Newspaper 09.03.2013

Interview at Cafeina – Lleida TV:

Mes Lleida local digital Newspaper:

CAfE european learning partnership was also introduced  to other institutions such as the Faculty of Communication and Audivisual Studies of the Universtity of Lleida (UdL),  sowing the roots for potencial cooperation opportunities in the near future.

Next to all this, along those days in Lleida, CAfE members have discussed and presented collaboration opportunities as well as their upcoming open calls, activities and festivals.

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