Heading to… Lleida (Spain)

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Have you never heard about Lleida before? Lucky you! you have the chance to discover it and what is more, there’s no better feeling than to enjoy something for the first time ; )

Next March 2013 our group of cultural managers and learners will be travelling to one of the oldest towns in Spain with recorded settlements dating back to the Bronze Age period. Located at the western edge of Catalonia, Lleida is land of apples, peaches and pears as well as place of hidden treasures… a place where to taste delicious regional wines, enjoy amazing landscapes and discover world cultural heritage. A town full of history and patrimonial art. The snail is the symbol and pride of this middle size town, “L’aplec del Cargol” (Snail Festival) a 3-day snail eating feast, is the biggest in the world of this sort.

Since the end of the Spanish Civil War (20th Century), the city has been in a constant urban, commercial and demographic growth. Nowadays it is home of about 140.000 people including newcomers from 146 different countries and nationalities.

Associació Cultural TripleZeta (ZZZ) will be hosting this next CAfE Meeting, together we will discover Lleida and our public art project in town:, a permanent video installation which hosts a global visual dialogue among creative citizens from around the world….

Want to know more? Come & Enjoy!

+ info:

Tourism of Lleida 

City Council web page 

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Image source: Facebook – Author: unknown


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