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A is for Adventure: What is Art for you?

Sometimes is easier to experience things than to describe or define them, such is the case of Art.

Art is by ZZZ, 2015 Even given the case of being an art lover, sometimes it is difficult to explain why we “love what we love”. Such questions as “What is Art? What is it for? Should it have a specific function in our society? And if so, which one should it be? “ are inseparable of the same nature of art. Art is in fact a product, a result of multiple and complex interrelations with the society which has produced it; and therefore answers to those questions can be as diverse, simple or complex as every specific art work could contain.

From its potential active role within society as a tool for social transformation to its most “decorative” function, possibilities are limitless. Might this be the “magic of art”: its flexible multiplicity, its intrinsic mutability and sometimes even relativity of meaning and function.

Most of the time, in order to “understand art” we need to first understand how does the art world function. Yes, contemporary art tends to present itself as “an obscure object of interpretation”. Messages and questions prompted by art works tend to hide behind concepts, traditions, promoter’s interests, art systems, contexts of presentation and a long list of conditions and conditionings modulated along production, dissemination and reception processes. But still, there is a more personal and subjective way to look at art. And this is in fact the kind of relation that art has with its “general publics”, the ones which are not art experts but are supposed to become its major audiences. We can not forget that if we “do not understand” something is less likely that we can appreciate it.

What is art for you? for each and everyone of us? Not from an academic outlook but from a subjective and personal one.

We, at CAfE, are collecting individual declarations, intimate confessions, unproved statements and all sorts of non-rigourous opinions which might help to informally value the mysterious nature of art.

“We like to consider art not as an object, but as a singular perspective; having every work of art a particular language and technic which sometimes is easier to comprehend than others. From this approach, every work of art should be considered as a proposal for “discovery”. An adventurous quest waiting for our active observation in order to be decrypted. Every time you find yourself in front of a work of art just let the mystery take over you and enjoy; best of all is that there aren’t incorrect answers…  just play! (ZZZ)”

Here we’ve left our vision and some others, with the hope that it might encourage and inspire you to leave your own answer and comments under the following poll. Just write your answer on the last field or/and select any from the multiple choice options; and remember all answers are correct : )  




Text & collages: ZZZ  Complete collage series under 

Video: Elsa Mora  > Check her blog under  is an amazing one!


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