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“Between the Lines” : a format for Teaching and Learning on Performance Art

For some Řehlovice is just a village in Czech Republic. For others it is a universe full of creative experiences.

Since 2008 a group of students is traveling each year to Řehlovice in Czech Republic to attend the course on Performance Art conducted by Prof. Marie-Luise Lange and BBB Johannes Deimling. This six days course offers within an intensive structure the basic tools to develop and execute an individual performative art work. At the end of this process the results are presented within a festival-like public event.

4 years long Marie-Luise Lange and BBB Johannes Deimling have been co-teaching the students in different experimental settings and created a format on Teaching and Learning Performance Art. Since 2011 the course opened for a new collaboration with the University in Cologne. Konstanze Schuetze reinforced the teaching team and extended the researches on Performance Art and as well the known Polish Photographer for Performance Art Monika Sobczak joined the team. The meetings and the dialouges between different students from different institutions are creating a vital exchange of the made experiences which allows everybody to sharpen their views and concepts.

Besides the creation of performative art works the course also develops didactics and methods on teaching Performance Art in schools. The exchange between art pedagogics and art practice is enriching the researches in many different ways and is fruitful for art students and art pedagogy students. Mainly in these intersections the value of the course is visible and tangible. The formats concept includes besides various exercises on form, concept, material, body, composition also lectures and live performances of the teachers and invited guests. The course in Řehlovice is a vision that deals with the potential of performativity and the teach- and learnability of Performance Art. It tries not only to teach the techniques, but as well the artistic attitude of the person doing this creative act. The exercises are designed towards an open working process in which the participants have an active role of extending them in order to find an own approach to this art form and its possibilities. It is not the aim to produce more artists in performance art, but more to convey the value and strategies of performance art practice for a broader understanding of contemporary art and the possibilities to link this knowledge to other related and non-related fields. In that sense the format in Řehlovice is an experimental laboratory in which the participants are playing a distinct role in this research situation which is seeking between the lines for new questions, solutions and experiences.

BBB Johannes Deimling


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